LifeInsurance2u is a collection of articles and blog posts primarily related to the Life Insurance industry in the region. We are a collective group of writers, agents, product specialists, end customers etc , all with the singular goal to make life insurance more accessible to the masses.

When we say more accessible, we mean information, as well as the understanding of life insurance. Too long, this particular domain has been shrouded under veils of technicality and terms that lay-men have little control or understanding over. It comes to boil when claims need to be made, the agents are no where to be found and possibly certain claims are not valid, leading to an overall dissatisfaction with the the term Life Insurance.

Let us repeat: Life Insurance is an amazing concept. If used well, if managed properly, it means that for a little outlay, people can manage much more risks in their lives than they can if they were to do it on their own. It’s a collective group of people saying: Let’s help one another. Over the years however, whether it is justified or not, the reputation of life insurance has slowly eroded and now insurance agents are seen more with suspicion than with trust.

In this site, we want counter this suspicion. We want to unravel technical veils over these insurance products. We want to put information into the hands of the insured for them to make decisions that matter to them. We don’t want to put products straight to you, we want readers to decide for themselves. We want to put good faith back in insurance. We want to put trust back in insurance.

We want to put Life back in Insurance.